Uplifted octopus


Uplift Octopus
(Age 43)

LUCK 0 PSI 5 Middle Class Background Constitution = 320

Adapt Alert Beam+5 Bite+3 Brawl Flying
Focus+4 Heal History Interrogate Locate+3 Logistics
Observe Operate+4 Organize+4 Overdo Programming React
Research+4 Shield+2 Sight+4 Stun+2 Swim+2 Tactics+2
Telepathy TK Tracking Transfer+2

Aquatic environments

Association of reproduction with death

Detached+2 Dour+1 Methodical+4


Laser pistol>Multipurpose Laser-Acoustic Pistol
Uses blue-green laser light and acoustic pulses
Beam+1, Gun+1 > Beam+5 (-60 points)
Hit table Energy
Conceal 15>30 (15 points, camouflage)
Damage 15>Swichable between stun and +30 (15 points)
SA>Burst (
15 points)
Range Medium>Long(air), Medium(water) (5 points)
Useable in air and water(
10 points)

Smoke grenades>Enhanced smoke grenades
LMC>UMC (-10 points)
Melee+1>No skill (5 points)
5 points)
Conceal 65
Range Short

Portable MULE-mounted water tank
200-liters (0.5m x 0.8 m x 1.25 m)
Armour plasteel walls
Inner walls can be made transparent or opaque or used as view screens
Built in nutripack
Computer and mobile link with translation unit

Robot transport body
Armored plasteel construction
Active surface skin
Belly tank (30 liters)
Built-in nutripak
Computer and mobile link with translation unit

Characteristic Points

Belly crawl stance 0
Size 4 0
CHAR 7>1 (No vocalization) 0
INT 0 > 10 20
STR 5 > 8 6
AGY 7 > 10 6
END 5 > 8 6
COOR 8 > 11 3
Natural attack venom damage 2 > 3 3
Natural defense ink 0
Natural capability camouflage 0
PSI 5 10
Vision 2 > 3 1
Smell/Taste 2 > 2 0
Hearing None 0
Survive out of water 4
Remove easily frightened quirk 1


Background Skills
Beam Bite+3 Brawl History Overdo Operate
Programming Research Sneaking Tracking Swim+3

Associate Degree Teleoperations Technical College 19-20
Adapt+1 Focus+1 INT10>11 Operate+1>+4 Research+1>+2

Bachelors Degree PSI College 21-24
Heal Focus+1>+2 Locate+3 Organize Reseach+2>+3
Sight+2 Stun+2 Telepathy Transfer

Master Degree PSI College 25-26
Shield+2 Sight+2>+4 Organize+1>+2 Resarch+3>+4

Psiman 27-28
Focus+2>+3 Interogate+1

Navigator 29

Navy 30-34
Logistics+1 Tactics+1 Beam+1>+5 AGY10→9(Aging)

Special Operations 35-38
Focus+3>+4 Organize+2>+4 React Swim+3>+2 (Aging)

Mercenary (Delivery Services) 39-43

Alert Beam+4>+5 Flying Observe Tactics+1>+2
END8>7 (Aging) STR8>7(Aging)


Polygnomos is a octopus uplift, of a line of octopus uplifts originally created on Stareve but with additional capabilities added on Fiske. Polynomos’ gender is not known to most others (and will be treated as unknown, but masculine pronouns will be used). He can read and write English and Chinese, but his native language is octopus sign-coloration language, usually rendered in written form as a Chinese characters. He has no hearing and cannot speak, but can communicate well using translation devices. He has a limited ability to survive out of water, his gills adapted for breathing air somewhat, though moisture loss remains a problem: he is able to stay out of water for up to 1 hour without harm; beyond that point his constitution deteriorates 1 point per minute. He is skilled at remote operations and can control nearby device remotely through ultrasonic signal utilizing an implanted brain link coupled to an ultrasonic transducer which function in either air or water. He has filter implants in his eyes for laser eye protection.

Polygnomos frequently travels within an non-sentient robot body which resembles a large male human (football lineman physique). The body is armored non-active plasteel, covered by a layer of active pseudo-skin which can change color or become transparent. This robotic body can pass as human to casual observation, but its artificiality becomes obvious with close observation.

Polygnomos spent a significant portion of his life in the military, leaving at the rank of Major to become a partner in Delivery Services. His main function is in operations planning, though he has been known to engage in the field operations when required. His current social status is Upper Middle Class.


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