Jackson Alavah

Sahu parcore Courier


1 Dash 2 Dash 3 Dash 4 Dash 5 Gymnastics 6 Gymnastics
7 Gymnastics 8 Gymnastics 9 Treat 10 Sneak 11 Sneak 12 Physics

SKILLS Attribute %
Dash +5 AGY 80
Gymnastics +5 AGY 80
Sneak +2 AGY 65
Martial Arts +2 AGY 65
Physics INT 45
Treat INT 45
Convince CHAR 50
Overdo END 55
Discipline CHAR 50
Alert END 55
Riding AGY 60

Martial Art: La Savate Style: Hard
Governing Attribute: AGY Defensive Modifier: -5
Strike damage determination: %d + 4 X Skill Level + AGY Modifier + END Modifier
Special Move 1: Piston Kick
A successful Piston Kick will result in a knockback, pushing the opponent back to short range, losing his next attack, and inflicting 2 X AGY + AGY Modifier damage.
Special Move 2: Reverse Spin Kick
A difficult kick, executed at -30 chance of success, the Reverse Spin Kick does double Strike damage if landed.
Special Move 3: Circular Motion Kick
Another difficult kick, the Circular Motion Kick does standard Strike damage if it hits, plus a percentile chance of Knockout equal to any voluntary chance of success penalty the character takes.
Weapon Damage Range Traits/Edges
La Savate Plus 33 PB Can Do 1
Small Knife Minus 10 PB

Friendly 2
Freewheeling 3
Competitive 1


Participated in intramural Parcore in college. Attempted to go pro for 3 years after college, eventually gave up and got hired as a courier.

Jackson Alavah

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